Our mission is to connect customer experience and team performance to company values and operating standards.

IMPEC brings your values and standards alive. What started in 1996 as a small company-focused Mystery Shopping service provider, by 2018 has grown into an international consultancy company, specialised in performance and compliance management in both the public as well as private sector. Become part of our 22-year customer journey and accelerate your progress in performance.




A smart and secure dashboard that helps to create an environment where company values and operating standards are shared, knowledge is gained, resulting in improved team performance.


Retain what already works and Reframe what needs to be improved. Allow team members to participate and co-create in the company values and operating standards in an environment of openness and trust.


With E-Policybook™, we prevent that valuable knowledge from getting lost or buried when colleagues change jobs or work in multiple locations.

Values are important and lasting beliefs, or ideals, shared by the team members of an organisation. They illustrate what behaviour is good and desirable.

Standards are an agreed way of doing something. They could be about making a product, managing a process, or delivering a service.



Connecting the dots

Values are not simple posters on a wall. In order for an organisation to be successful, the values must be clear, and the standards must be lived. E-Policybook™ connects the WHY (values) with the HOW (standards). In this way, teams start connecting the dots and can make more informed decisions.



E-Policybook™ offers decentralised consumption while offering centralised administration and governance. This can be a real game-changer for organisations with multiple sites, multiple business units, or decentralised operations. We create an environment where everybody is encouraged to ask questions, and help teams in all your locations and job positions stay updated with the latest information on values and standards.

Sharing knowledge

E-Policybook™ allows participants to see, share, and scale values and standards while also making it easy for teams to collaborate with one another for successful value distribution. With this collaborative function, team members can even leave their feedback directly on the platform, sharing comments in real-time with everyone involved.


Research shows that consultants are often brought in from outside the organisation before fully utilizing the already available internal knowledge. E-Policybook™ can be used to give teams the opportunity to share that knowledge. Because the value distribution takes place remotely, it can cut down on training and instructional costs. A centralised place where values and standards are stored together can benefit everyone in your organisation.

Our blended solution

“Our roadmap is informed by our vision for a blended solution that meets and exceeds customers needs. We scale and grow with our customers”.


Re-Framework™ consists of 6-P’s and 3-Re’s, together the 9 building blocks. The 6-P’s explains ‘WHAT’ impacts company values and operating standards. A distinctive product or service, with a clear policy, translated into efficient processes, carried out by skilled professionals, acting from different perspectives, with a focus on utilising the maximum potential. The 3-Re’s (Reflect, Reframe and Reward) describes the workflow on ‘HOW’ to achieve improved company values and operating standards.