Appointment diagnostic review Western Cape

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The Chief Directorate Strategic Information (CD-SMI) of the Western Cape Premier’s office, represented by Chief Director Zeenat Ismail, appointed IMPEC to conduct a diagnostic review to reflect on the Western Cape’s monitoring and evaluation systems over the period 2010-2016. The Western Cape has a track record in Result-Based Monitoring and Evaluation and wanted to get a better understanding of what goes well and what could be improved.

With the assistance of Wageningen University, represented by Dr. Marlene Roefs, a conceptual framework was formulated to guide and structure the diagnostic. The framework consists of 5 building blocks and 4 processes: Both strategic as well as operational professionals from the 13 Western Cape departments were interviewed, including the Director General and other members of the department of the Premier, heads of departments, ict and data governance experts, monitoring and evaluations officials and service providers. For the interviews we used a mixed-method of one-on-one interviews, group sessions and electronic surveys to secure both a quantitative as well as a qualitative coverage.