Contributing to the Bigger Picture

At IMPEC we believe that economic and social development does go hand in hand as long as we are all prepared to contribute to the bigger picture. In 2015 the United Nations lounged the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), consisting of 17 “global goals” that aims to make the world a better place for all.

SDG4ME contributes toward this bigger picture by providing organisations in the public or private sector with a online tool that connect global to personal goals. By linking your personal goals to the Sustainable Development Goals you automatically become more concerned and committed to contribute to the bigger picture.The online connector has 3 functions:

  • Mainstream global, national and local goals to ME
  • Provide with a practical roadmap that guides ME
  • Share relevant expertise and content that empowers ME

The benefits of using the SDG4ME connector is that individuals who want to contribute and add value to one or more of the SDGs, can do this now on their own level without compromising the organisational goals. At the same time, organisation that wants to promote sustainable development can use SDG4ME to create an environment where professionals can contribute to both the organisational as well as the global goals. SDG4ME is available on demand and customized to a specific organisation. Once we achieved a critical mass of users the ambition is to make SDG4ME an open platform that is accessible to anyone whom wants to make a personal contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.