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The IMPEC consortium

Under the leadership of IMPEC, a consortium consisting of professionals from international universities, public and private sector, IMPEC assisted the South African Presidency in Pretoria with the establishment of the new Department for Planning Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME). The first of his kind in the African Continent. The DPME mission is to facilitate, influence and support effective planning, monitoring and evaluation of government programmes aimed at improving service delivery, outcomes and impact on society.

The IMPEC consortium assist the DPME with:

  • Securing funding for a knowledge exchange program between European and (South) African experts
  • Methodology and technology for conducting Self-Assessments
  • Organizing a master-class for peer reviewing self-assessments
  • Developing case studies for national and provincial departments
  • Facilitating an incoming fact-finding mission for delegation European Parliament
  • The development of an online Management Knowledge Improvement Tool

Being actively involved in the DPME from day one, IMPEC has shared important lessons on how to institutionalize and structure a new department, manage political sensitivities, reframe strategy from internal to external focus, and most importantly, value the impact of good governance and public service delivery on inclusive growth.